A Letter to the People That Are Promised Tomorrow.

Dear Promised ones,


One of the biggest questions on my mind is: “Why are people so fascinated with tomorrow, yet neglect today?”

The last time I checked, tomorrow never promised me a damn thing. When I was younger, I always rushed everything because I was afraid of death. I remember questioning

“Why do people die without giving us warning?”

“Why do people die so young?”

“Did they live a happy fulfilling life before the grim Reaper took them away?”

And most importantly “Were they loved the way they needed to be loved during their time spent on earth?”

At the time, those were all great questions considering the fact that happiness was child’s play for us all as kids, not to mention as kids, we do things spur of the moment, meanwhile, tomorrow tried so hard to absorb todays attention.

As I grow older, tomorrow becomes a reward for all of the survivors that cheated death, while the moon decided to give the sun a break. A question that I do have is why do you think that its okay to treat people the way that you do? Those that are promised tomorrow are reckless with the hearts of the innocent, destructive with the mind of the sane and careless with those who are loyal to them. If you valued time as much as the next person and gave your all, predicting that there is no limitation to where love can take you. Then you would have no problem with loving me and everyone else that are cheated out of one of the greater things in life…True authentic love! The reason why I live for today is because I love to the best of my ability and to be completely honest. I know what it’s like to be hurt. To be taken advantage of and more importantly to rise from the ashes of my lowest point.

When I refer to those that are promised tomorrow, I mean the people that take advantage of the ones that love them wholeheartedly, unconditionally and genuinely. Being promised tomorrow means that, you’ve gone on a hurting spree hurting those that have loved you for no reason at all, with the intentions that tomorrow you will wake up and all with be forgiven. NEWS FLASH!!!! A broken heart doesn’t recover over night and feelings aren’t something that you can just blow up and make in to something beautiful like a balloon animal. Sorry if this might come off too harsh, but I’m just really done being a clown for you. In my opinion, tomorrow is always in the bitter distance. I know that I’m not promised tomorrow because I love you today just as much as I have loved you yesterday and as much as I will tomorrow. So for the limited time that I do have on this earth, I will give the best of me to the people that I encounter. I will love as much as my heart allows me to do so.  People that are promised tomorrow tend to have the mentality that what you don’t know wont hurt you. In Layman’s terms they have a heart that’s two sizes too small. The mentality that I do have is that one man’s “trash” is another man’s treasure; when one might treat you as a piece of glass another will see you the way a jeweler see’s a diamond.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is to those who are promised tomorrow, would they have a different perspective on life, if tomorrow wasn’t promised to you? Would you have A different perspective on the way that you treat the ones that you claim you love? My theory is that the way one treats people has something to do with the way they perceive life. If you see life as a shitty wasteland for negativity, you are going to treat people like shit and think that its okay, while unintentionally knowing that its not good at all. Luckily, I know that I am promised today and today only, but this letter is to those that are promised tomorrow.

For the people that are promised tomorrow, if I tell you that I love you everyday, it’s because I know that one day you’re going to wake up and find that I have lost the battle of life. I will no longer be able to grace you with the smile that made you smile back. That heart that not only pumped for me, but for everyone else that I came into contact with, my soul that forgave you for everything, my memory that never forgot the hurt and the pain, my eyes that stared into your soul searching for that warm heart hospitality. It will all just disappear and tomorrow will just be wishful thinking.

Say what you have to say while my ears can still hear you. Give me what my body needs while I can still feel it. Make my dreams come true in this reality that deteriorates every inch of hope, motivation and happiness. Make today the day that waves good-bye to yesterday in the rearview mirror, while keeping in mind that tomorrow is light years away. To those who are promised tomorrow how does it feel to treat people like shit? I know that I’m not perfect, but I’m far from tomorrows regret.

To the people that are promised tomorrow, would you take everything for granted if tomorrow was never predicted? would you be so careless with a heart that’s so prone to boomeranging itself back to you, heartache after heartache? Would you actually love someone for the moment instead of waiting for the future to change who you really are? Because good hearts will always be good, but waiting is for those who are immortal and quite frankly we just don’t have that kind of time. So for the people that think that they are promised tomorrow along with the people that you’ve hurt, second and third chances along with forgiveness…You’re not promised. So think again and love someone, not for tomorrow but for today.


Sincerely those that aren’t promised,


Quill ink and feather


What if we all lived like tomorrow didn’t exist? One thing that I know for sure is that their would be more room for happiness, excitement, love, joy and less room for regret. We as people focus so much more on the things that we don’t have, wishing and hoping for the myth that leads us stray time and time again…Perfection. Believe it or not, but perfection has become a religion to the insecure, blind, poor, rich, fat, skinny and even though I find it hard to believe, but even the most confident of the human race. Why do We ignore what we have also ignoring our capabilities? That’s a good question that I don’t think that I’ll ever get the answer too. We bleach our skin to make it easier for people to accept who were really not. Let’s not forget how were also over tanning ourselves to be that puzzle piece that will never fit in because popularity is meant for reserved seating only. And as we recycle thoughts and ideas from others, we leave no room for the birth of our own. Has identity gone extinct? Does the individual still exist? are we all looked at from the microscope of a cyclops where we all have become one? These are all good questions, too bad we don’t think for ourselves anymore. Could you imagine being who you want to be without anyone questioning your authority? I can, and it feels great.
Don’t be afraid of self-awareness. If you know who you are, what you like to do and reasons for why you do it, then you leave others at a disadvantage of hurting you. If more people accepted themselves as well as others. society would have less problems, we would all be more understanding, we would have more of a common ground and people would be treated more than just…people. Being overweight doesn’t mean that your any different for anyone else, on the outside yes. But on the inside, we all have a heart that beats and it feels things such as pain, love happiness, sorrow. And the same goes for those who are skinny, gay, black, white, short, tall, mentally challenged, physically challenged, no matter what it is we are all the same but with different qualities.
One of the quotes that I live by is “if its not broke, don’t fix it”. The reason why I live by this quote is because we substitute a quick fix for acceptance and not to be a pessimistic, but in the world that we live in it just doesn’t work like that. A quick fix is like cheep glue, eventually you will notice how things will all just start to fall apart while also realizing that their was never anything wrong from the start. You are who you are for a reason, you may not know the reason right away, but life is a journey for a reason. We don’t just live day by day because time has no destination. Its because life has some type of meaning you have to define on your own. Although others will instill fear within you, you cant be afraid. You should always be prepared for someone to prey on your creativity, your confidence, your insecurities, your hope and your faith. Be you be happy and feed the soul.

Band-Aids Are Temporary

Pain Is A Necessity

Without pain what would make of us? I honestly think that pain is a necessity for us to live and without it, we would die because we wouldn’t have anything to grow from. At times pain has been my air when I needed to breathe as well as my quench when I was dehydrated. And as much as I’m in love with myself, pain has been my mistress. She comes and go’s as she wants and pleases. It sucks to say this but as much as she hurts me. It’s such a pleasure to be acknowledge by truth, scars, sorrow and at last recovery. I can admit that no one said that being an angle was going to be easy, no one said that it ever rained in heaven, no one said that angles at times get jealous and no one ever said that for every angle, there was a devil lurking to clip its wings.

Recovery Is Long Gone

Words of encouragement peddled its way over to me in a river full of tears. They echoed “Be brave, be strong, remember who you are, be happy”. I use to abide by that until I remembered that we were never in the same boat, that they were just words that surfaced to the top to heard or better yet seen. But I didn’t get glasses until the age of 15, even by then it was too late. It was certain things that people would do and say to me that people called ugly, but knowing me I always tried to find beauty in the imperfections of life. I would sacrifice my happiness for the happiness of others, but that was one of the biggest mistakes of my life because my restless nights would be the best slumber to those who I let rob me of my valuables. But it’s no one else’s fault but mine.

On The Battlefield with A Smile

Throughout life you’ll need protection from many things. Some people use Trojan, Magnum, Durex, lifestyle or Beyond seven. But as for me, my innocence was protected behind my sparkling thirty-two’s. No matter what the situation was my smile would never let me down. I’ve encountered many battles in my life such as crusades, combats, warfares, conflicts, combustions, lies, deceit, verbal abuse and emotional abuse…and all of that without any milk and resolution (and if you didn’t understand the “without any milk” reference, it was from SpongeBob). But I got through it all thanks to my smile. I had people wanting to practice their dentistry on me with no license at all. And it’s all because I use something that most people take advantage of, a smile. And it may just be a smile to some people, but to me its something to hide behind in hopes that it wont chip, crack, brake or simply fall out for the sake of always sugarcoating things because cavities were never pretty to me.

Everything, But Pretty poem by (me) Quasan Hunter

Sugar, spice and everything nice,
But not pretty,
If you haven’t noticed pretty is lonely,
Only to pray on insecurities,
Believe me when I tell you that everything but pretty is what you want to be,
Young ladies these boys are crazy and maybe he’ll tell you that your style is pretty cool,
But what he won’t tell you are all the things that he wants to do to you,
Because next he’ll say you’re pretty hot,
And like the boy that he is he’ll try not to kiss you,
But he’ll do it any way,
And you’ll feel entitled to say,
Its cupid,
But once he walks out the door and you’re left alone in the bed you’ll find yourself feeling pretty stupid,
And you’re not because beautiful is around the corner,
Just follow the yellow brick road and behold the bold truth that no one is used too,
Because they say that being pretty dumb is better than being beautiful,
Well according to me their wrong,
How long will strong wait to break the fourth wall to create ugly as a physical trait,
In other words,
We don’t fix anything that’s not broken,
Outspoken the words from within,
How long has it been since pretty became your friend,
Down on its luck,
Pretty needs a crutch,
Your pretty crutch
Not pretty cool,
Pretty fool,
If you let pretty do that you’re a stool,
Stay and let pretty sit and make up lies upon your face,
So embrace the new you,
Pretty smile, pretty eye’s, pretty face, pretty fake,
Make up can’t make you but you can make it,
Plastic is no substitute for glass,
Are you with me?
Because once you cut yourself,
They’ll tell you that no scare is pretty,
And labels are suicidal,
It starts with a cut and ends with a title,
So you can be a “pretty woman” walking down the street,
Or I think that you can be “pretty in pink,”
And pretty can play with you like a puppet on strings,
And the things that you do can be “dirty pretty things”
But never a clean beautiful slate to start over and say,
Hey, I’m a pretty little liar and it’s time to stop A,
Because B is beautiful, be who you want to be, be beautiful so that they can never judge you or me,
Be free,
And get witty,
The next time someone calls you pretty tell them this,
I’m not pretty,
Because pretty needs a friend,
And everything in the world but pretty is what I am,
I am beautiful,

Waiting For Never Poem by (Me) Quasan Hunter

My attitude lingered as I waited for your finger tips to touch my needy body,
At this point hell just might freeze over,
They say that love makes you do crazy things,
Well can we be crazy tonight,
I’m starting to believe that I might just be a virgin for the rest of my life,
A touch for a touch,
A kiss for a kiss,
I’ll whisper sweet nothings in exchange for our sour everything,
Can’t you see,
I wanna give you something that I cant take from you,
For the lack of better words,
Something of yours that could have meant everything to me meant Nothing To someone else,
I guess i’ll never be as special as the one nighters,
I guess the sparkle in my eye means nothing,
I guess words are Just words and if actions aren’t acted upon,
whats the purpose of love if it comes with restrictions,
At times like this I wish that I came with a manual because its clear that the Obvious isn’t so obvious,
But I’ll continue to wait because thats something that we are both good at Expressing,

I apologize, But I’m not sorry (poem): by (me) Quasan Hunter

In a world where we all have to be fighters,
As lovers we are all outnumbered,
In a society where black is spelled S-T-U-P-I-D,
I guess I can’t read because it all looks the same to me,
And stereotypes are blasting with typos,
For people of color rocking tight corn rows and big puffy afro’s
So type these and type those,
What the hay,
Microsoft tells me that my name is spelled wrong anyway,
But surprise,
Maybe I’ll rise and just apologize,
Society, I apologize for being…for being BLACK,
I can’t change that,
I apologize for not being the man that you want me to be,
I apologize for not fighting for a country that won’t fight for me,
I apologize for being lied to about being free,
And most importantly I apologize for being me when there’s no one else in the world I’d rather be,
Dear truth I apologize for the rejection, the lies and the deception, when the truth has been the truth when everybody starts the praying for the lies that we despise because…..the truth hurts so much more,
Ahoy secrets, you deserve an apology too,
I apologize for acquainting my old news with the new,
Because the past has been a blast that blew up in my face where black will never be me,
Because it’s related to long pieces of rope and big strong some trees,
and when the wind blew there was a breeze
That collected the summer’s eve with new cents and aroma’s,
Let’s see we have Burning flesh, whipped slave, and for a limited time we have freedom,
But not really though,
because the truth has been the biggest lie that you’ll ever know,
And being honored for being black is like waiting for Godot,
Action is a talk show, you’ll chow down until you get remainders of a sloppy Joe, Larry, and Avery Give it up for bravery or maybe it’s the slave in me,
And if there is a problem you can blame the two that made me,
Because I’m still a work in progress, and if you despise I truly apologize, for the truth, that you can’t take because you wake up in screams
Where loving to hate yourself is the American scheme
For teens all over the world, little boys, little girls,
Using razorblades to make their skin curl,
Where blood replaces tears because of fears
When your heart ignores your brain, it improvises
Because the truth is that Pain comes in all shapes and sizes
When we’re all involved, they have one size that fits all
And as the government plays with us
We are toys that have been sold, Happiness not included,
But we’ve concluded to the boxes that they put us in,
I apologize, I recognize that I now I have say in the situations that I don’t want to be placed in.
I’m a bowling pin, I stand up for the letdown to be picked up….to fall down again,
My smile is a sin, behind it are words that I wouldn’t dream of saying while laying but
Day dreaming I’m paying off tolls to reality highway, mayday, mayday, sorry for delay
But the truth will never set you free because the lies pay the price to the greater things in life,
A word of advice, being nice gets you no where
I apologize,
In the words of Maya Angelo still I rise
I apologize
I apologize
And you can try to scar me
But I’m not sorry for not being sorry!!!!!
But I apologize,

You Lost Feelings, I Lost My Heart

Talk about playing on the instrument of love, this article really pulls on your heart strings.

The Fickle Heartbeat

You Lost Feelings I Lost My Heart

Shared by Raina D’Souza.

And there I stood before you, knowing it was the last time I would be seeing you, with millions of questions in my mind- none of which you had answers to. But again, gathering all the tiny bits of the little strength that was left in my heart, looking in to those beautiful eyes of yours which always drove me crazy, I asked you, “Do you love me?”

“No,” you said, without even a little hesitation and the least care. It killed my dying heart. What made it worse is that you looked away while I was looking in your eyes. But I smiled to fight the pain. You smile back without even a speck of regret.

“What was between us?,” I asked, knowing I wouldn’t be able to take in another word that you would speak. But just to pacify my heart.

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What if I fall?

I love this blog post, I gave me so much hope a confidence to do anything that I wanted to do today. I love the part where you said that “fear is temporary” along with all of those negative things. Also I think that along with being afraid to fall most people are afraid to fly as well. But I’m happy that I read this. Keep up the great work

Partners In Crime Poem by (Me) Quasan Hunter

This is Officer Hunter we have a code 10.04.13
Someone stole something that belongs to me,
They stole…They stole my heart,
If loving you was a crime,
I’ll never stop breaking the law for you,
We’ll compromise and if your off key we’ll harmonize,
love is blind but you can see the fire in my eyes,
A burning desire with fire that you sparked with wood that I thought would never burn again,
And If loving you is a sin,
I’m prepared for the noble war in hell part 2,
Cuz you’re the heaven in the place called hell that I Roam through,
My heart has been monopolized and as your first priority you know how to prioritize,
When you first said you loved me I remember,
Because my heart fell so fast I yelled timber and you didn’t move,
I guess you weren’t afraid cuz you wanted my heart no matter the condition or stage,
I prayed to be somebodies any bodies but it all fell apart,
But I got the wish that I wanted because when you stole my heart,
I loved it,
Your Love is an art that’s greater than any selfie that we can burn into flames,
than any portrait that’s ever been painted into a frame,
When you swung the bat it was ball game,
you invented the system while putting all of the players to shame,
But Miley came swinging like a racking ball thought she had it all but baby you came swinging like a crane,
Slow and steady I was ready you picked me up even though im kinda heavy and you showed me that you have strength to lift not one…but the both of us.
If I’m wrong kiss me if you must but babies are made from radioactive stardust right?
Wrong, you’re my lucky charm,
And if you need a thing, don’t hesitate
Baby I’ll ignore the alarms…for you,
I knew that it was,
Grand theft auto you drove away from the start and made a U turned and then you parallel parked on my heart
So now you have to pay a fine,
because you did a crime,
they took you away but not really cuz you’re a prisoner in my mind,
Where I can’t decriminalize,
I’ll do the time even if it was counter clockwise,
In fact, let’s just back track,
You stole something that I can’t get back and the truth is, I’m ok with that,
Because I stole something that you WONT GET BACK and I hope that you’re ok with that,
And perhaps this time when you threaten me with an I Love you
I’ll pose another threat and add a number 2
So that it’s just consensual
And event-ual-ly
Everyone will see just how much of a threat that you really are to me
Olly olly oxen free,
I’m turning myself in
This is a code 10.04.13
Robbery of the heart,
This is a love that Matures
This love is like A Brisk,
baby its cool to the core,
I’m not a thief cuz when I shoots,
We score,
And by the way you can’t steal something that’s already yours
This is Officer Hunter,
Over and Out!

You Don’t Understand

More people should read this.


half  In the wake of Robin Williams’ death, there have been some comments made about suicide that some people just don’t understand. What many don’t get is that depression is a serious illness. It’s not something that you can just turn off and on when it’s convenient for you. It’s not something that you can just snap out of because somebody tells you to be happy. It is a mental illness.

Not all people with depression are suicidal. Suicide is not a requirement of depression, it’s a symptom. A person could be depressed but not think about killing themselves. They have feelings of things not being worth it (for example, not getting out of the bed, eating or planning for the future), hopelessness, negative thoughts about themselves, no energy, and so forth. A person who is truly depressed can feel all thirteen or so odd symptoms, or as little as…

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